Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

Duration: 2 Days

Customers are no longer defined as being external or internal, they are individuals who receive an output and have expectations.
Managing the customer and their expectations can be reactive but a proactive approach creates an environment where the customer issues are dealt with and removed.  It requires not only a process, but a culture that is customer orientated and exists to serve. 
This course develops a range of skills including communications, handling customers with a range of expectations, delivering as stated and not promising undeliverable actions.

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Course Outline.

Become Customer Orientated

  • The what and why of customer service
  • Identifying customers and managing their expectations
  • Establishing their needs

Develop a Customer State of Mind

  • Defining and communicating the goals of customer service excellence
  • Meeting expectations of all parties
  • Setting goals
  • Walking the talk; experiencing the customer's point of view
  • Making an immediate impact; engaging with the customer
  • Building and managing the relationship
  • Seeing it through and providing suitable closure

Create a Proactive Communication Stance

  • The impact of communication tools on engaging with customers
  • Communication skills and telephone techniques
  • Leveraging emotional intelligence
  • What to say and what not to say to customers

Toolkit for Successful Conversations

  • Enhancing your communication skills for a successful conversation
  • Tools for managing their body language, speaking persuasively, active listening, asking questions, and using probing techniques

How to Handle the “Difficult Customer”

  • Establishing the root cause
  • Techniques for diffusing anger
  • Establishing the why of difficult customers
  • Finding solutions, through proactive problem solving

Become Solution Orientated

  • Turning a complaint into an opportunity
  • Developing a problem-solving approach through questions
  • Ensuring the customer is kept informed
  • Keeping a positive frame of mind and not focussing on negatives
  • Showing you care about your customers

Create a Customer Services Charter

  • Establishing the rules of engagement
  • Ensuring that the right resources are available to deliver success
  • Measuring success and defining the right key performance indicators

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