Agile Project Management - An Overview for Managers and Executives

Duration: 1 Days

Delivering value, often in the form of a measurable benefit, is critical in order for any organisation to ‘survive’ in  the global environment we now trade in.

Not only reacting to change but to successfully deliver a solution that meets the business need within a  timescale the business expects has become the key driver. In focusing on this the traditional approaches to project management have at times not met this challenge.

What is the alternative? Agile was born out of Software product development and was seen to be successful. Taking the same approach, Agile was and continues to be be applied to Project Management and statistics support that it this is being successful.

How can I attend my course?

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Take an agile approach to projects
  • Compare and select your agile approach
  • Plan the Life cycle
  • Interpret the Terminology
  • Provide effective Management information
  • Continually align your project with the business
  • Deliver value on a regular basis

Course Outline


  • An overview of the Agile approach
  • Agile Roles, Processes and Lifecycle
  • Productivity and creativity of self-organising teams
  • Business-driven iterative development
  • Impact to Current Organisational Roles
  • Resource Management
  • Delivering business value

My Course Notes

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