Designing and Delivering Effective Presentations using PowerPoint and Prezi

Duration: 3 Days

This course will teach you practical design and delivery techniques to communicate your ideas to any audience.

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After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create effective templates for clear and persuasive presentations
  • Use PowerPoint and Prezi to deliver information appropriate to your audience
  • Identify clear objectives to attract and hold the attention of your audience
  • Convey information in a clear, concise and engaging manner
  • Drill down into the detail when required by the audience
  • Tailor information to the needs of your stakeholders
  • Use the pyramid principle of information construction to deliver information at the right level for the right audience

Course Outline

Designing Presentations That Communicate

  • What Makes an Exceptional Presentation?
  • Building a Process That Guarantees Success
  • Making a Positive Impression With Your
  • Audience
  • Developing Your Presentation Skills

The Design Process

  • Identifying Your Objectives
  • Aligning With Your Audience

The Idea Generation Toolkit

  • Idea Generation and Reduction
  • Brainstorming With Affinity Diagrams
  • Using Mind-Mapping Tools
  • Using LATCH to Structure Your Content


Using Personal Communication Styles to Target


  • VAKOG – Maximizing Audience Attention
  • Aligning Information with how the Brain Works

Designing High-Impact Slides

  • Using Text Effectively
  • Employing Colour for Impact
  • Representing Information Graphically
  • Types Of Content
  • Sound
  • Animation
  • Movies
  • Increasing Impact By Restricting Content

Using Templates

  • What Is a Template?
  • Examining a Typical PowerPoint Template
  • Creating a Presentation from Local Templates
  • Creating a Presentation from Online Templates
  • Using PowerPoint’s Sample Files
  • Creating a Presentation from Existing  Files
  • Accessing Recently Used Templates

Creating Your Own Templates

  • Understanding Slide Masters
  • Opening Slide Master View
  • Using the Slide Master Tab

Creating a Slide Master

  • Understanding Slide Masters
  • Opening Slide Master View
  • Using the Slide Master Tab

Creating and Customizing Slide Layouts

  • Applying a Global Theme or Background

Using Placeholders

  • About Placeholders
  • Inserting Placeholders
  • Modifying Placeholders
  • Moving Or Deleting Placeholders

Saving Slide Masters

  • Creating a New Presentation With a Slide Master
  • Editing and Updating Master Slides
  • Removing a Master From a Presentation

Using Handout Masters

  • Understanding Handout Masters
  • Opening Handout Master View
  • Using the Handout Master Tab
  • Editing a Handout Master
  • Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word

Using Notes Masters

  • Understanding Notes Masters
  • Opening Notes Master View
  • Using the Notes Master Tab
  • Editing a Notes Master

Case Study Activity: Fixing a Poor Presentation

Applying a Template to an Existing Presentation
This section will focus on reviewing and editing a presentation. We will apply the new template to the edited ‘poor’ presentation and example and preview changes made to it.

Zooming Into the Detail

  • Adding Navigation to Your Presentation
  • Using Hyperlinks to Focus On Detailed Information

Prezi: an Overview

  • Introduction to Prezi
  • Downloading and installing Prezi
  • Using the Prezi Interface
  • Adding Images to Prezi
  • Customizing the Theme
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener
  • Creating a Professional Presentation Using Prezi

Planning Your Prezi Presentation Using the Prezi Road Map

  • Planning Your Presentation
  • Starting a New Prezi
  • Creating a Professional Layout
  • Using the Theme Wizard
  • Adding Text, Images, Links, and More
    3D Backgrounds

Editing Images

  • Removing Backgrounds
  • Using Paint.Net to Optimize Your Images

Aligning, Layering, and Grouping Elements

  • Adding Video and Audio to a Prezi
  • Collaborating On a Prezi
  • Printing a Prezi
  • Step-By-Step
  • Skill Sharpener

Structuring Your Presentation

  • Creating an Introduction
  • Using the Camera in Prezi
  • Finishing Off Your Prezi

Creating a Prezi Template

  • What You Can Include in a Template
  • Creating Layouts
  • Brand-generated
  • Work-based
  • Mindmaps
  • Time-based
  • Metaphorical
  • Navigation Issues
  • Avoiding Confusion
  • Motion Sickness issues

Importing PowerPoint Slides and Presentations

  • Importing your PowerPoint files
  • Polishing your Presentation in Prezi
  • Using Prezi and Communicating Your Message

Preparing to present with confidence

  • Recognizing your key goals
  • Constructing a presentation narrative
  • Linking your goals to the presentation narrative

Managing Yourself

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Building self confidence
  • Creating a confident impression
  • Presenting from memory
  • Stress reduction techniques: public speaking without fear

Increasing Information Retention

  • Linking ideas for impact
  • Getting the audience to do your work for you
  • Visual reinforcement techniques
  • Serial summarization: the power of repetition
  • Providing audience takeaway: using handouts for the greatest impact
  • Making sure they’ve ‘got it’: performing learning checks

Involving the Audience: The Interactive Presenter

  • Facilitating audience involvement
  • Opening up dynamic communication
  • Audience feedback: the benefits for audience and presenter
  • Using questions to increase audience involvement
  • Designing questions to engage your audience

Handling Audience Interaction

  • Encouraging responses
  • Managing audience questions
  • Dealing with difficult people

Presentation Practice

  • Delivering a short presentation
  • Evaluating presentations

Feedback Session

  • Individual evaluations by course instructor
  • Complete Personal action plan
  • Course Summary and end of course evaluations

My Course Notes

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