Developing Interpersonal Skills

Duration: 1 Day 

This Workshop looks at how to proactively manage stakeholders and develop a service approach to adding value in your relationships. 

When these expectations are not managed then conflict is likely to occur and no matter how we communicate we create a mismatch between our goals and objectives and those of our stakeholders. The key is to proactively manage our communications, building engagement. Building clear communications can improve those relationships and enhance the reputation of your department.

How can I attend my course?

Course Outline.

Building Effective Partnerships

  • Build relationships with stakeholders 
  • Identifying their expectations
  • Learning to manage expectations by saying no
  • Enhance the state of your communication with partners
  • Handling misaligned goals

Developing a Customer State of Mind

  • Defining and communicating the goals of customer service excellence
  • Meeting expectations of all parties
  • Setting goals
  • Walking the talk; experiencing the customers point of view
  • Creating a culture of authentic commitments – not promising, but actually delivering

Leveraging a Range of Influencing Strategies

  • Involving others in the decision-making process
  • Addressing the other person’s concerns
  • Trading knowledge, information, through bargaining
  • Building relationships to create mutual understanding
  • Tailoring a message according to their social style
  • Using the circle of influence
  • Applying an influence formula to a range of situations

Managing Meetings and Time

  • Ensuring that you manage your time, rather than having your time managed for you
  • Prioritizing your time and applying a strategic approach to time management
  • Managing meetings, and increasing their effectiveness and impact

Setting Ground Rules

  • Developing a high-performance culture through effective ground rules
  • Establishing criteria for success
  • Establishing the critical success factors that shapes your management style

My Course Notes

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