Enhancing Your Management Skills

Duration: 1 Day

The role of management is simply to make others succeed
To make others succeed the manager needs to focus on developing and enhancing a range of skills including delegation, dealing with performance issues, including under-performance and enhancing team performance.  An additional skill is the ability to build and maintain relationships, using and leveraging emotional intelligence.

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You will learn how to:

  • Identify how to leverage skills in a variety of areas that managers are faced with on a daily and periodic basis
  • Make teams success by focussing on enhancing performance both individual and team based
  • Empower others through clear effective delegation and follow-through

Course Outline.

Being an Effective Manager

  • Identify how to manage the transition from a technical expert, towards management
  • Focus on developing key skills, including:
    • Effective delegation
    • Motivating others
    • Getting the most from the team
    • Managing team performance to achieve organizational outcomes

The Role of a Manager

  • Adding value to the team
  • Making sure that you manage the right number of team members
  • Making others succeed
  • Balancing management with leadership skills
  • Applying the ten roles of a manager

Management Versus Leadership

  • The five key leadership skills to develop
  • Leadership by modelling the way and establishing your operating values
  • Transferring knowledge through coaching and mentoring
  • Developing coaching skills
  • Influencing others above and below, internal and external

Delegating Effectively

  • Empowering teams
  • Applying a step by step process for delegating effectively
  • Macro versus micro management
  • Being clear on the manager’s role in effective delegation

Motivating Others

  • Understanding the individual and their contribution to the team
  • Being clear about an individual’s work, in relation to the big picture
  • Providing effective feedback, to develop individuals
  • Focussing on autonomy, purpose and mastery

Optimizing Team Dynamics 

  • Determining the team cohesion and the performance level it is at
  • Managing the team through the learning dip
  • Focussing on the manager’s input from the forming to the performing phases

My Course Notes

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