Finance for Non-Finance Leaders
Introduction (Level 1)

Duration: 3 Days

Understand and effectively apply the principles of finance within your business environment.

How can I attend my course?

Course Outline


The program teaches you how to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of finance
  • Gain an insight into the business cycle
  • Identify various company and ownership structures
  • Work woth and calculate depreciation
  • Build and analyse the components of the Income Statement
  • Evaluate and understand the components of the Balance Sheet and learn to contruct one
  • Manage the organisations cash including the cash flow statement and predicting and managing cash flow

Target Audience

This Course is valuable for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Managers and Team Leaders who want to expand their knowledge of Finance.

Course Content

The course is structured and focused on understanding financial statements and the fundamental principles of finance.

Each of the modules is underpinned by workshop-based real-world scenarios, discussions and exercises. The aim is to make it as interactive and participative as possible.

Over the three days the attendees are given a practical insight into the following topics:

  • Understand how to analyse the following key reports

             -  Income Statement
             -  The Balance Sheet
             -  Shareholders Equity
             -  Cash Flow Statement

  • Appreciate the nature of depreciation, and its origin, including the various methodologies used in the industry
  • Understand how accounting and finance concepts are related and integrated, and how they underpin managerial decisions
  • Identify how to use financial information in your planning and analysis for expenditures
  • Understand how operations and financial strategies/plans impact the overall business performance and culture
  • Gain an insight into accounting policies and principles

My Course Notes

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