Introduction to Business Process Modelling Using BPMN

Course Outline

Business Process Modelling?

  • How the BPMN process works
  • Creating a consistent approach
  • BPMN basic notation
  • Your first BPMN diagram
Creating a framework for business process modelling
  • Identification
  • Modelling
  • Analysis
  • Improvement
  • Implementation
  • Control
BPMN notation
  • Basic activity notation
  • Advanced activity notation
  • BPMN Gateway notation
Organisational views and modelling techniques
  • Process pool notation
  • Multi-instance pool notation
  • Swim lines notation

Modelling the Processes of you Organisation

What is the strategic context?
  • Aligning processes with business strategy
  • Understanding the circumstances in which organisations operate
Cross-process relationships
  • Modelling processes at the same level
  • Connecting processes between hierarchical levels
  • Building an organisational view of processes
Focusing on business value
  • Defining the value proposition
  • Elements of a value proposition

Mapping your Business Processes

Capturing the "as-is" business process
  • Events that trigger business processes
  • External, internal and time-based events
  • Business process outcomes
  • Timelines for business processes
Activity documentation
  • Identifying activities – one person, one place, one time
  • Documenting business rules

Business Process Improvement

Modelling the "as-is" business process
  • Analysing the process flow
  • Evaluating handoffs and inspecting activities
Testing the business rules
  • Scrutinising the constraints
  • Checking the operational guidance
Business Process Improvement (BPI) design approaches
  • Simplifying the process
  • Removing bottlenecks
Creating the "to-be" business process
  • Creating the future vision
  • Helping stakeholders to understand the requirements

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