Introduction to Docker

Duration: 2 Days 
This 2 day course is suitable for anyone involved in the development and deployment of applications for their organisation including architects, developers, administrators, and testers.

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Course Outline

Introduction to Containers and Docker

  • Virtualisation
  • Containers
  • Use Cases for Containers
  • Docker Architecture
  • Technologies Underlying Docker

Up and Running with Docker

  • Starting a Container
  • Attaching a Container
  • Daemon Containers
  • Looking Inside a Container
  • Container Restarts
  • Removing a Container
  • Interactive Mode
  • Signals and Containers

Working with Images

  • What Is an Image?
  • Listing and Searching for Images
  • Building Your Own Images
  • Working with the Build Cache
  • Launching Containers from Images


  • What Is a Repository?
  • Pushing Images to the Hub
  • Removing an Image
  • Searching a Repository
  • Deleting from a Repository

Automatic Container Provisioning

  • Using Docker Machine
  • Scaling with Docker

Data and Docker

  • Data Volumes
  • Host Directories and Files as Data Volumes
  • Managing Data in Containers


  • Linking Containers Together
  • Port Mapping
  • Private Networks
  • Overlay Networks
  • Load Balancing
  • Accessing Containers from the Internet
  • Iptables and Docker Interactions

Multi-Process Applications

  • Working with Multiple Processes in One Container
  • Using Docker Compose - Multi-Container Applications

Clustering and Scheduling

  • Background on how Containers are scheduled
  • Docker Swarm
  • Using Compose with Swarm
  • Swarm vs. Kubernetes
  • Resource Controls

My Course Notes

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