Managing Remote Teams: An Executive Guide to Global Virtual Team Management

Duration: 1 Day 

An organization that moves more towards virtual working (including global operations and increasingly teleworking) has to proactively balance the benefits and risks involved. Management approaches are typically focussed on co-located models and attention is required on the time taken to manage a virtual environment and to create a team state of mind that acts as a unit.  A proactive approach that focuses on taking actions that increases the benefits of virtual working whilst addressing and minimising the obstacles, allows team members to be effective at operating and supporting their colleagues.

Managers have a clear understanding of the challenges their teams face on a day to basis in a virtual environment and this course will enable to them to proactively lead teams separated by distance, time zones and culture.

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You will learn how to:

  • Effectively manage virtual teams
  • Foster key relationships that reinforce collaboration
  • Facilitate effective and productive teamwork by utilizing appropriate communication technologies
  • Operate effectively within a culturally diverse team
  • Adopt and promote ground rules that optimize the team’s operations

Course Outline.

Introduction and Overview

  • Identifying the key differences between co-located and virtual and remote working on the organization
  • Applying a model for virtual working, at the relationship, communication and task levels

Building Collaborative Relationships

  • Developing an understanding of relationships from the individual and the organizational perspectives
  • Considering the motivational needs of team members in a virtual environment
  • The impact of working apart on the effectiveness of the team

Communicating Across Virtual Teams

  • Assessing the message and selecting the richest and most effective tool to deliver with impact
  • Ensuring that an approach encompasses: auditing tools, training in the use of technology and selecting the message then the tool
  • Using communication technology to replicate the richness of face to face communications

Working with Different Cultures

  • Exploring the three levels and categories of culture
  • Responding positively to the range and depth of cultures
  • Incorporating cultural differences to benefit the team

Contributing Effectively to your Virtual Team

  • Creating ground rules for effective team collaboration and working across, distance, and time zones

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