M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner Certification

Duration: 5 Days

Our M_o_R® course has been designed and developed to allow delegates to understand and apply M_o_R® not just pass the exams. We specialize with working together with organisations and individuals to understand how M_o_R® works and how to effectively integrate it in to the existing structures and processes of the parent organisation.

Course materials are based on the 2010 edition of, Management of risk: guidance for practitioners” and include examinations based on this manual.

How can I attend my course?

Course Outline

Introduction to M_o_R ® concepts and definitions

  • What is risk
  • What is risk management
  • Corporate governance approach and internal control

Principles of M_o_R®

  • Overview of the 8 principles used in M_o_R®
Management of Risk Approach 
  •   Introduction to the core management documents used in M_o_R®
  •   Strategic
  •   Programme
  •   Project
  •   Operational
The risk management process – including the various techniques:
  •   Communication
  •   Identify
  •   Assess
  •   Plan
  •   Implement

Embedding and reviewing M_o_R®

  •   Including health checking and maturity model

Risk Specialisms

  •   Business continuity
  •   Incident management
  •   Health and safety
  •   Security
  •   Financial

The M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner Training Process

For all organisations we can tailor and plan any training event to maximise delegates’ potential in the M_o_R® training environment.

Once a course booking has been made, pre-course reading materials will be sent to the attendees and pre-course work will consist of;

1) Directed reading of the manual including Introduction, Principles, Introduction to Themes from the Management of risk: guidance for practitioners”
2) Depending on the delegate learning style and/or time available work through a Pre-course workbook which will be used by the delegate during the course.

Pre-course work will require up to 20 hours of study prior to the course start date. The M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner training event is an intensive 5 day course that includes the M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner examinations within the course. Although you do not need to do all the pre-course work the more you complete before the event the less intense the course should be.

M_o_R® Foundation Exam Details

This is a one hour 75 question multiple choice examination including 5 trial questions, with a pass mark of 35 out of 70 (50% pass mark). Success in this examination indicates that the candidate would be able to act as an informed member of a risk management team using the M_o_R framework within an organisational objective supporting risk management. Please note you must have passed the Foundation examination before you are eligible to take the Practitioner examination.

M_o_R® Practitioner Exam Details

This is a three hour examination comprising of 4 questions of 20 marks each, with a pass mark of 40 out of 80 (50% pass mark). Success in this examination indicates that the candidate understands and could apply the M_o_R® framework into the everyday running and management of an organizational objective, whilst also appreciating the benefits that M_o_R® can support. To retain a Registered Practitioner status a delegate should take and pass either the M_o_R® Practitioner or Re-Registration exam every 3 to 5 years.

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My Course Notes

You will receive a full set of course notes and all supporting materials for your course. Hard Copy Delivered to your premises or Downloaded to a chosen device.


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