Negotiation Skills

Duration: 2 Days

Enhance your skills and ability to negotiate effectively multicultural environment. The course will focus on preparing for and conducting more effective negotiations.  You will have the opportunity to practice your techniques and receive expert feedback so you can apply new skills and techniques in an effective and confident manner.

How can I attend my course?

Target Audience:

  • Anybody wanting to negotiate effectively with both with internal or external stakeholders


You will learn how to:

  • Use Principled Negotiation to negotiate ethically, balancing outcome and relationship
  • Communicate effectively in different situations
  • Understand and use the concept of the BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement)
  • Deal with pressure caused by unprincipled negotiators
  • Develop influencing skills to strengthen commitment and co-operation
  • Respond appropriately to the cultural diversity during your negotiations

Course Outline.

Understanding Principled Negotiation

  • What is principled negotiation
  • The negotiation process model
  • Benefits of principled negotiation
  • Drafting an iterative negotiating plan

Psychology and Communication in Negotiation

  • Understanding what motivates
  • Understanding physiological and psychological effects
  • Analysing communication strengths and challenges
  • Listening actively for effective negotiation
  • Developing rapport
  • Recognising and valuing diversity in others

Dealing with Unprincipled Negotiators

  • Understanding their tactics:
    • Intimidation, games and other tactics
    • Countering their moves
  • Principled responses to tough tactics:
    • Negotiation tactics for effective outcomes
    • Revealing unprincipled moves and motivations
    • Countering the win/lose mindset
    • Managing emotional pressures

Managing the Negotiation

  • Conducting a principled negotiation:
    • Hidden agendas
    • Knowing which negotiation approach to use
    • Sustaining longer negotiations
    • What is BATNA and how do you use it
    • The difference between BATNA and Bottom Line

Dealing with Other Difficult Behaviors

  • Managing the six challenging behaviors
  • How not to take things personally
  • Using deflection techniques
  • Employing specific strategies for challenging behaviors
  • From confrontation to cooperation

Avoiding Communication Breakdowns

  • Creating value in your conversations:
    • Strengthening your relationships
    • Distinguishing value from waste
  • Taking personal responsibility:
    • Recognising your role in communications
    • Identifying internal and external factors that impact your communications
    • Establishing message feedback
    • Communicating nondefensively

Course Format:

  • The course will provide practical tools and techniques which can be directly applied to your negotiations for greater impact.
  • It will be highly participatory and engaging.  
  • You will have the opportunity to practice your negotiation skills in small group settings and you will be provided with constructive feedback to enable you to fine tune your techniques and address any areas for improvement in a safe environment. 
  • The course includes a range of hands-on exercises and group learning activities.

My Course Notes

You will receive a full set of course notes and all supporting materials for your course. Hard Copy Delivered to your premises or Downloaded to a chosen device.


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