Class-Connect™ HD

At KPL Knowledge Solutions, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and delivering solutions to meet business needs. Providing quality instructor-led training experiences whilst reducing travel and subsistence costs are a key focus at present, whether the driver is time, cost or the green agenda.  In certain geographical regions attending a publically scheduled course may be particularly difficult and not cost effective.

If you are faced with reduced travel and associated expenses, and are looking at virtual attendance options to address an immediate requirement, our on-line delivery method in partnership with Global Knowledge is a great solution.  To ensure attendees receive a premium experience, whether in-class or remotely, our partner Global Knowledge has developed a new cutting edge solution to create and interactive and high-quality classroom alternative - Class-Connect™ HD

How it Works

The enhanced experience is powered by ‘tried and tested’ technology and robust infrastructure between the classrooms – HD quality audio and video connect the classrooms over a high capacity managed network to ensure a ‘real time’ experience. Combine this with instructors skilled in this modality, intelligent ‘smart’ white boards and full class participation and you have a unique and highly immersive experience.

Live Classroom

Live Classroom

Delegates have the same high quality experience as an instructor-led event. HD quality audio and video connect the classroom to ensure a ‘real time’ experience. Delegates have a clear view of the instructor and the other delegates on one screen.

Remote Classroom

By using an interactive smart-board, they can view the presentation and notes simultaneously on another screen or on their monitor.

Live Classroom

Where learning requires group interaction the camera positions are primed to be able to allow both groups to face each other to further promote the environment for discussion and debate.

Remote Classroom

The tutor and delegates in the live classroom can see, hear and interact with the remote classroom at all times.

Class-Connect™ HD FAQ’s

If there’s anything specific you would like to ask that we’ve not shown below please contact us directly on the number above, via email or at our ‘contact us' page

Can I see the tutor and the other delegates?
Yes, irrespective of where you are, you can see the tutor and all the delegates in the combined group. The Class-Connect™ environment uses HD video to actively promote group interaction, individuals are either displayed on the main screen or the rear wall dependent on your location.

Is there any lag between what is said and what I hear or see?
The use of high capacity mPLs network allows a seemsless interaction - there is no noticeable lag between classes with both audio and video and that includes the whiteboards too!

Do I need to wear a microphone?
The unique microphone technology means that no-one is required to wear a personal mic - the set-up will deliver clear ausio transfer between classes, which has been optimised to remove ambient noise and promote clarity of communication.

Can I ask the tutor a question in private?
Yes, each delegate has a chat function built into their machine which allows the delegate to ask a question in private.

How does the interactive whiteboard work?
The 'smart-boards' use a special software bridge which enables 'real time' viewing on both whiteboards irrespective of which white board is being used. This allows both groups to do a group activity around the board and each group's contribution can be seen by all.

What happens when I arrive at the centre if there is no on-site lecturer?
a member of the training team will register delegates when they arrive and they will show them to the classroom at the start of the course. They will provide support to delegates throughout the event and the instructor will also have direct access to the centre team should delegates require further help and assistance.

Should I expect the class sizes to be bigger?
No, with a view to promoting the right learning environment, delegate numbers will not be any greater than on a standard Instructor-led Training event.

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