PowerPoint Advanced

Duration: 2 Days

This course will build upon basic skills in the use of PowerPoint. You will learn how to transform a basic presentation into an interesting and dynamic presentation using a range of multimedia features and presentation tips and tricks.

How can I attend my course?

Who will Benefit:

Anyone currently using PowerPoint that wishes to step up their presentations to the next level and create more professional and visually appealing presentations.

Target Audience:

This content is designed to give experienced users of Microsoft PowerPoint a deeper understanding of its advanced features.


You will learn how to:

  • Use Application settings
  • Using graphics and multimedia
  • Customise SmartArt graphics
  • Work with chart tools
  • Create custom slide shows
  • Broadcast a slide show online

Course Outline.

Customise your Presentation

  • Set up and modify: slide masters, notes masters and handout masters
  • Create custom slide layouts
  • Create custom themes
  • Work with headers and footers
  • Insert Sections

Work with SmartArt and Charts

  • Choose and insert a SmartArt diagram
  • Work with SmartArt elements
  • Insert Charts
  • Work with chart elements
  • Apply custom animations to various elements

Linking data from other packages

  • Creating a link between Excel data and PowerPoint
  • Creating a link between Word data and PowerPoint
  • Updating links between applications

Working with Multimedia

  • Inserting Audio
  • Recording Audio Comments on a Slide
  • Trim Audio
  • Inserting Video from a File
  • Inserting Video from the Web
  • Editing Media Playback
  • Trim Video
  • Inserting and Using Bookmarks
  • Using Action Buttons

Customising a Slide Show

  • Annotating a presentation
  • Using action buttons
  • Setting up a slide show to repeat automatically
  • Create a Custom Show
  • Apply more advanced animations using the animation pane and timings
  • Apply timings to transitions

Using Collaboration and Distribution Tools

  • Comparing and Merging Presentations
  • Packaging a Presentation
  • Saving Presentations as Videos
  • Password Protecting a Presentation
  • Publishing Slides
  • Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word
  • Importing and Exporting an Outline

My Course Notes

You will receive a full set of course notes and all supporting materials for your course. Hard Copy Delivered to your premises or Downloaded to a chosen device.


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