Presenting Visual Information

Presenting Visual Information: Hands-On Workshop

Duration: 2 Days

In this workshop, attendees will work through a clear process to develop the visual information delivery skills necessary to clearly communicate with industry professionals and stakeholders.  The course will have a heavy practical bias, focused around organisational specific hands-on exercises, during which attendees analyse informational content and create compelling and powerful visuals, infographics, and dashboards.

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After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Use an informational needs analysis process to allow you to project manage information delivery and design clear and comprehensible graphics.
  • Identify and combine the components of infographics to create a fresh view of data.
  • Employ a range of techniques to report key performance indicators in text and graphics.
  • Visually present information using charts and dashboards.
  • Deliver information at the right level, for the right audience by using the pyramid principle of information construction.
  • Tailor information to the needs of your stakeholders.

Course Outline

Hands-On Activities

  • Analysing an existing business specific document to determine the informational needs of the audience and which techniques are most suitable for representing each topic element in the document.
  • Identifying the graphical technique most appropriate for each topic element.
  • Conveying important information quickly by creating and repurposing pictograms.
  • Telling the story behind the data by using graphs, charts, and dashboards.
  • Showing how information changes over time by constructing timelines.
  • Representing different kinds of data in a single graphic by building infographics.

On-Going Post Course Instructor Support for all Attendees

As part of the learning solution provided by KPL, the consultant instructor will be available post course for remote follow-up questions or clarification once the group has returned to workplace.  This service is free of charge and is on-going until the attendees feel completely confident that they can effectively deploy the skills learned during the training in their workplace.

My Course Notes

You will receive a full set of course notes and all supporting materials for your course. Hard Copy Delivered to your premises or Downloaded to a chosen device.


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