Proactively Managing Staff Performance

Duration: 1 Day 

In this workshop you will learn how to develop the skills to manage and address the effective performance of staff by learning the principles and approaches to managing staff performance. The tools and skills learned can be applied to both full time staff members and consultants alike.

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You will learn how to:

  • Prevent underperformance by coaching staff
  • Effectively redirect performance that goes off-track 
  • Give constructive continual feedback and coaching in underperforming and performing situations
  • Eighty per cent of management time can be spent on twenty per cent of the team who under perform. This creates frustrations for both the manager and the employee. Managing and finding a balance between performance and underperformance is a real challenge. A key responsibility for managers is to adopt a proactive on-going approach to address performance in an effective and constructive manner.

Course Outline.

The Process of Managing Performance

  • Define the process of managing performance
  • Recognise the causes of underperformance
  • Identify and deal with underperformance
  • Determine a range of tools for managing underperformance

Working Together to Deliver Performance

  • Create the best work context by understanding the individual
  • Motivating to achieve organizational goals, not individual goals
  • Identify the elements of successful performance planning
  • Construct a jointly agreed performance agreement and development plan

Delivering Performance through Coaching and Feedback

  • Develop a coaching mindset for all levels of performance
  • Utilising key skills including active listening and coaching questions
  • Leveraging management by walking about
  • Understanding the power of timely feedback
  • Planning feedback to encourage positive behaviours
  • Using the most powerful tool of informal feedback

Planning the Formal Performance Management Cycle

  • How to make the process as effective as possible for all parties
  • Plan to deliver success and create a forward-looking approach
  • How to set SMARTR (Specific; Measureable, Realistic, Timely, Reviewed) goals

My Course Notes

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