Risk Management - Strategy, Tailoring & Techniques

Duration: 3 Days

The management of risk at all levels is a major contributing factor to success or failure. This course is a practical approach to embedding a risk management framework and culture for Business Managers, Programme and Project Managers, Operational Managers and any other roles within an organization which need to develop their understanding and skill set. The integration of Strategic, Program, Project and operational is covered with reference to global best practice methods. From this platform attendees will be able to apply the framework within their workplace and be able to define a strategy that is applicable to their work.

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Course Outline

Principles and Governance

  • Justify the adoption of a risk strategy
    • Why spend time/money on considering RM
  • Supporting the strategy
    • Businss buy in
  • Benefits of adopting Risk Management

Risk Strategy and Approach

  • Defining the Framework
  • Risk definition and the components
  • Embedding risk control into the business at all levels
  • Management view and focus
    • Different views of the same information will be interpreted in different ways
  • Integration into solution environment
    • Taking it into the business as usual environment

Project Justification

  • Aligning risk with the business case
    • Risk to benefit realisation
    • Cost benefit analysis
  • Decision to proceed
    • The impact risk has on the decision

Supporting Documentation

  • Document Index
  • Document composition
  • Configuration management
    • Create, Review and baseline
  • Document Relationship
  • Support Roles and Responsibilities

The Risk Management Procedure

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Communication


  • Stakeholder Management and Engagement
  • Risk breakdown diagram
  • Cause and Effect analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Risk Exposure Analysis
  • Probability Tree
  • Risk Description

Monitor, Control & Reporting

  • Risk Control Data
    • Capture and examine issues and risks
    • Performing an impact analysis
  • Management of the Risk Budget
  • Risk Strategy and Communication Strategy Alternative
  • Establishing and monitoring risk tolerance

Adoption, Embedding and Tailoring

  • Ensuring risks are managed
  • Aligning risk with the business case
  • Preparing a risk statement
  • Success factors to embed risk management
  • Risk Governance and Compliance
  • Changing the Culture
  • Maturity Levels

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