On-site training delivery.

It is imperative that all on-site training delivered at our customers is free from issue ensuring your staff can remain focused on day-to-activities without unnecessary involvement with logistical activity of setting up courses. 

For every course delivered, we assign a dedicated Event Coordinator to work with you to ensure a successful outcome, every time.

What do we need to run KPL courses on-site?

A suitable room, with tables, chairs and plug sockets, that's it! KPL take care of all logistical requirements associated with setting up the optimum training environment for your staff so you can stay focused on your business.

How it works

To run technical training courses on-site we would typically use your pcs and install our course loads onto your machines, either on training pcs or attendee machines. We will provide the required equipment specification to you during the requirements gathering stage. KPL can provide equipment as requested, should you not have equipment available.

What is the typical lead time required to set up and run a course on-site.?

Lead times will typically depend on our instructor availability and any time required to tailor your training solution. A typical lead time from course booking to execution is approximately 3 weeks.

Contact us

To see how KPL can create a training programme that delivers an immediate impact on your business please contact us submitting your details here or alternatively please call.

Tel: +44 (0) 1444 410296
Email: info@kplknowledge.co.uk

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