Time Management Essentials

Target Audience:

  • Those who want to increase their productivity and those wishing to develop more balance and control over their time commitments.


You will learn how to:

  • Manage your time by implementing a framework to achieve goals
  • Make decisions about what you do and when
  • Apply a structured whole-brain process to shape your current and future commitments
  • Proactively schedule tasks and construct weekly plans and to-do lists
  • Adopt strategies and techniques to handle procrastination & interruptions

Course Outline.

Evaluating How You Manage Your Time

  • Essentials of time management:
    • Contrasting time planning and time management
    • Avoiding the psychological time trap
    • Taking control of your life through the choices you make
  • Determining your time style:
    • Evaluating your current strengths
    • Characterising your personal style of time management
    • Recognising opportunities for improvement
    • Assessing the effect of your time style on others
  • Gaining control over your time:
    • Identifying your unique pivotal time-related issues
    • Appraising your situation with an Issues/Impact matrix
    • Targeting factors that adversely impact your time

Structuring Your Responsibilities

  • Incorporating a time-planning process model:
    • Harnessing the power of a structured approach
    • Reusing the model throughout your life
    • Customising the model to fit your style and needs
  • Determining your primary purposes:
    • Assessing clarity of purpose
    • Mind-mapping your current situation
    • Defining the purpose for each of your commitments
  • Assessing your realities:
    • Weighing the value of current efforts
    • Making choices in a planned way
    • Deriving tasks — the raw material of time planning

Creating Your Powerful Future

  • Envisioning where you want to be:
    • Leveraging the power of imagination
    • Articulating your personal mission
    • Choosing a future that works for you
  • Formulating challenging goals:
    • Creating a sense of direction
    • Generating personal momentum for action
    • Setting WISE goals
  • Moving toward your goals:
    • Initiating changes to your situation
    • Selecting steps and actions

Prioritising and Scheduling

  • Focusing your attention:
    • Taking steps to boost your concentration
    • Profiling your energy levels
    • Aligning tasks with your high and low periods
  • Proactively identifying your priorities:
    • Maximising the Important/Urgent matrix
    • Applying the Pareto Principle for the greatest results 
    • Developing the habit of immediate attention
  • Building your schedule:
    • Assigning tasks into a weekly and daily schedule
    • Scheduling to create greater work/life balance
    • Creating a dynamic to-do list
    • Reducing mental clutter

Techniques for Controlling Your Time

  • Overcoming procrastination:
    • Identifying the root causes of inaction
    • Beating the deadline-driven trap
    • Approaching your tasks positively
  • Diffusing the impact of others:
    • Asserting yourself politely and calmly
    • Conquering over commitment
  • Dealing proactively with information overload:
    • Customising your workspace
    • Stepping off the "e-mail-go-round"
    • Evaluating your information flow and retrieval process

Getting the Best Return on Your Time Investment

  • Analysing your progress:
    • Conducting regular reviews
    • Comparing planned vs. actual usage with a time log
  • Changing your time habits for the better:
    • Calculating potential time savings
    • Exercising the freedom to do it your way

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Identifying your personal time style
  • Constructing and applying an Issues/Impact matrix
  • Mapping and analysing commitments and future situations
  • Formulating WISE goals
  • Modelling techniques to handle interruptions
  • Developing a time management toolkit

My Course Notes

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