Understanding Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Duration: 2 Days

Root cause analysis is the process by which we discover the underlying cause of difficulties in a business process or processes. Often businesses waste a great of money in fixing the symptoms of a problem, rather than the problem itself. In this two-day course, participants learn to apply a systematic end-to-end process for analysing problems to uncover their root cause.

How can I attend my course?

Target Audience:

Anyone with the need to improve their ability to solve recurring problems including:
  • Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business and IT stakeholders
  • Quality and process engineers
  • Technicians
  • Process improvement analysts
  • Managers; supervisors, team leaders, and process users


You will learn how to:

  • Kick-Off a root cause analysis process
  • Gather data to investigate recurrent problems and process/non-process incidents
  • Elicit data using a range of elicitation techniques
  • Analyse the elicited data to understand the likely root cause of a problem
  • Employ industry standard techniques to differentiate between symptoms and root causes
  • Identify the appropriate techniques to deploy during root cause identification
  • Avoid future problems by developing continuous improvement techniques that will address causal factors and root causes
  • Develop an organisational process to identify systemic problem areas
  • Develop a Root Cause Analysis mind-set
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving approaches to root cause analysis
  • Work with proven techniques to enhance your strategic thinking skills
  • Draft a problem statement that clearly defines your challenge;
  • Employ innovative thinking techniques to generate business solutions
  • Harness a creative thinking process that helps you explore all possible solutions;
  • Identify the best solutions and create successful implementation plans

Course Outline.

Introduction and Objectives

  • Describing a "Problem"
  • Why do problems re-occur?
  • Defining the Root Cause
  • How Root Causes impact organisational efficiency and effectiveness

Organizing Your Root Cause Analysis Approach

  • Required roles and responsibilities for Root Cause Analysis
  • Building the Root Cause Analysis team
  • The impact of communication styles
  • Resolving conflict
  • Case Study Activity

Identifying the Problem

  • Defining selection criteria
  • Planning a Root Cause Analysis project
  • Finalising your plan
  • Getting stakeholder buy in
  • Case Study Activity

Defining the Problem

  • Exploring the problem
  • Moving from problem-as-given (PAG) to problem-as-understood (PAU)
  • Developing your problem statement
  • Elaborating the problem specification
  • Case Study Activity

Identifying the Problem Source

  • Identifying the real causes or drivers
  • Selecting an appropriate analysis technique
  • Root cause analysis techniques:
  1. Cause and effect diagrams
  2. The 5 Whys
  3. Mind maps
  • Determining the source of the problem
  • Case Study Activity

Solution Options Analysis

  • Evaluating different solution options
  • Brainstorming options/solutions;
  • Common brainstorming techniques;
  • Idea mapping techniques and their application
  • Using a Weighted Rating Matrix
  • Selecting the appropriate option
  • Planning the proposal
  • Selecting the “Best Fit” option
  • Case Study Activity

Implementing the Solution

  • What is required to implement the recommendation;
  • The Deming Cycle - PDCA
  • Developing your implementation plan
  • Creating an efficient transition from “old” to “new”
  • Case Study Activity

Measurement and Continuous Improvement

  • Measuring the benefits
  • Linking benefits to the identified problem or opportunity
  • Organising a “lessons learned” analysis of your approach
  • Creating a Root Cause Analysis program within your organization
  • Developing appropriate root cause analysis processes to avoid future problems

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