ITIL®4 Specialist: IT Asset Management (ITAM) – Including Exam

Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview

The ITIL®4 IT Asset Management module is structured and aligned around the ITIL® framework and the ITIL® Practice Guides. The examination is intended to assess whether the candidate can demonstrate sufficient understanding and application of the concepts covered in the ITIL®4 IT Asset Management publication.

This module focuses on providing the candidates with the understanding of the key concepts, principles, value and challenges of the IT Asset Management practice. It is intended to provide candidates with best practice guidance at both strategic and operational levels on how to maximize value creation, control costs, manage risks, meet regulatory and contractual requirements, and support decision-making about the purchase, re-use, retirement, and disposal of IT assets including their impact on sustainability.

In addition, the ITIL Maturity Model is introduced as a tool to help candidates assess and measure the organization’s capabilities in service management and identify actions on improvement opportunities to develop ITAM capabilities.

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Target Audience

ITIL 4 Specialist: IT Asset Management is for IT professionals who are involved in managing costs and risks, monitoring and ensuring compliance, and good governance of IT assets.


After completing this course you should be able to:

• Understand the key concepts of ITAM
• Understand ITAM value streams and processes
• Understand ITAM roles, skills and organizational solutions
• Understand how information and technology supports and enables ITAM
• Understand the role of partners and suppliers in ITAM
• Know how to develop ITAM organizational capabilities

Course Content

1. Understand The Key Concepts Of IT Asset Management (ITAM)

• Identify the purpose, PSFs, and value of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) practice.
• Apply iterative and interdependent scoping to IT asset types and IT asset register.
• Understand the benefits of standard IT assets.
• Understand the IT Asset Management (ITAM) relationship with governance, compliance, and policies of the organisation.
• Apply an organisation’s sustainability objectives to IT Asset Management (ITAM).
• Identify the key challenges of IT Asset Management (ITAM).

2. Understand IT Asset Management (ITAM) Value Streams & Processes

• Understand the roles and relationships of service value streams, practices, and processes in creation of value.
• Identify the value of a common approach to IT asset lifecycle management.
• recognise the sustainability aspects of IT asset decommissioning and disposal actions.
• Know how to verify, audit, and analyse IT assets.
• Understand the critical nature of records and documentation to IT asset lifecycle management.
• Know how to integrate IT Asset Management (ITAM) in the organisation’s value streams.
• Identify the relationship between IT Asset Management (ITAM) and the service configuration management practice.

3. Understand IT Asset Management (ITAM) Roles, Skills & Organisational Solutions

• Understand the key skills required for IT Asset Management (ITAM).
• Describe the responsibilities of IT Asset Manager, License Manager, IT Asset Owner, IT Asset Custodian and IT Asset Consumer.
• Know how to apply the LACMT model to IT Asset Management (ITAM) activities.
• Know how to position IT Asset Management (ITAM) within an organisational structure.

4. Understand How Information & Technology Supports & Enables IT Asset Management (ITAM)

• Identify the key inputs and outputs of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) practice.
• Describe the key IT Asset Management (ITAM) automation tools and their role in the practice.

5. Understand The Role Of Partners & Suppliers In IT Asset Management (ITAM)

• Understand the types of service relationships (basic, cooperative, partnership).
• Understand the complexity of service relationships.
• Describe a consistent approach to IT Asset Management (ITAM) across the organisation’s ecosystem.

6. Know How To Develop IT Asset Management (ITAM) Organisational Capabilities

• Understand the key concepts of the ITIL® maturity model: capability assessment, capability levels and criteria.
• Know how to apply capability criteria to plan IT Asset Management (ITAM) capability development.
• Identify key metrics and methods for improving IT Asset Management (ITAM) capabilities.
• Apply the key steps of the IT Asset Management (ITAM) capability development.


ITIL® 4 Foundation certificate is the prerequisite for our ITIL® 4 Specialist IT Asset Management (ITAM) training course.


This class comes with an online proctored exam voucher. These will have a validity of 12 months. You will need to schedule and complete your exams within this time frame.
Recommended as preparation for the following exam:

ITIL® 4 Specialist IT Asset Management (ITAM) Examination:
• Questions: 40
• Format: Multiple-Choice
• Duration: 90 Minutes
• Pass Mark: 26 / 40 (65%)
• Materials Allowed: None – Closed Book
• Certification validity : Three (3) years

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You will receive a full set of course notes and all supporting materials for your course.
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