Excel Intermediate

Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

This 1 day instructor led training course builds upon basic Excel knowledge and increases user confidence in using Excel. It provides more of an understanding of working with formulas and functions and demonstrates how Excel can be applied in various business applications.

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Target Audience

This course is designed to give experienced users of Microsoft Excel deeper understanding of its features.

Users who wish to go to the next level with Excel in terms of learning more advanced skills in enhancing worksheets, advanced formulas and functions and managing data in tables.


• Create advanced formula
• Work with various functions
• Use range names to simplify formula
• Manage and link multiple worksheets
• Create professional looking spreadsheets with advanced formatting techniques
• Create, format and manipulate table data
• Summarise data with outlines and subtotals
• Use web features and share workbooks Create templates with comments and protection

Course Content

More Formulas and Functions

• Relative and absolute formulae
• Nesting formula
• Date and time calculations
• A range of useful functions including:
• Date and Time functions
• Text functions
• Logical functions (IF)

Cell and range names

• Creating and using names
• Managing names

Using multiple worksheets and workbooks

• Linking worksheets with 3D references
• Linking workbooks
• Managing workbooks

Advanced formatting

• Special number formats
• Working with styles
• Conditional Formatting

Work with large worksheets

• Freeze panes
• Headers & Footers
• Print scaling options
• Print formatting options


• What is a table?
• Formatting a table
• Sorting and filtering data

Outlining and subtotals

• Outlining data
• Creating subtotals

Web and sharing features

• Save as web pages
• Using hyperlinks
• Sharing workbooks

More charting

• Sparklines
• Chart formatting options
• Combination charts
• Adding graphical elements

Documenting and auditing

• Auditing features
• Comments in cells and workbooks
• Protect Workbooks

Work with Templates

• Use built-in templates
• Creating templates from scratch
• Manage templates

Work with Graphic Objects

• Insert Sparklines
• Insert SmartArt
• Work with pictures, clipart and shapes


Delegates are recommended to have a basic knowledge of Excel or attended the introduction to Excel course.

You will receive a full set of course notes
and all supporting materials for your course.

Hard Copy Delivered to your premises or Downloaded to a chosen device.

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