DevSecOps® Engineering

Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview

A DevSecOps Engineer is an IT Security professional who is skilled at “security as code” with the intent of making security and compliance consumable as a service. A DevSecOps Engineer uses data and security science as their primary means of protecting the organization and customer.

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Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning about DevSecOps practices, IT Security Professionals, Practitioners, and Managers
Testers and Quality Assurance Teams
Software Engineers and DevOps Engineers
IT Managers
Project Managers
Managed Service Providers
Release Managers and delivery staff
Maintenance and support staff
Anyone involved in Continuous Delivery toolchain architectures


• The purpose, benefits, concepts and vocabulary of DevSecOps
• How DevOps security practices differ from other security approaches
• Business-driven security strategies
• Understanding and applying data and security sciences
• The use and benefits of Red and Blue Teams
• Integrating security into Continuous Delivery workflows
• How DevSecOps roles fit with a DevOps culture and organization

Course Content

You will learn…

• Digital Learner Manual (excellent post-class reference)
• Participation in exercises designed to apply concepts
• Sample documents, templates, tools and techniques
• Access to additional sources of information and communities


• DevOps Foundation® Certificate
• Familiarity with IT software development and operations responsibilities


Successfully passing (65%) the 90 minute, multiple choice, Bloom’s Taxonomy levels 1, 2 and 3 exam leads to the DevSecOps Engineer (DSOE)℠certificate. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute; exams are delivered through an independent, global examination partner.

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